D&AD New Blood Awards
Winners Showcase
Exhibition |

D&AD New Blood Awards challenges students, grads and aspiring creatives to take on real creative briefs, set by real clients, and judged by top industry figures. The D&AD New Blood Awards Showcase displays all of the winning student entries. Inspired by the iconic D&AD logo and award – the humble pencil, combined with pegboard, became a low-cost, flexible display system and navigational device throughout the exhibition.

Original visual identity: The Beautiful Meme
Exhibition build: DIS
Photography: Jason Bailey

Pencils were used as shelving for the printed work, using different colours – black, white, yellow, silver and wood – to represent which level of award they won.

The simple combination of two pencils and small sections of pegboard created free-standing leaflet displays.

Winning work was also displayed on digital showreels, transforming D&AD’s offices into a fully immersive exhibition experience.