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No. No. No. No. Yes.
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No. No. No. No. Yes. Book Design Uncovered, is a showcase of the ‘ones that got away’, the ‘killed covers’ – displaying 25 designers book covers, and for each, four rejected designs.

Publisher: D&B Books
Print: Team Impression
Photography: Tom Bird

The cover mimics the premise of the book by having a dust jacket that can be removed, re-folded and re-orientated giving the reader a choice of five covers, four No’s and one Yes.

The book’s navigation is centred around a set of five ‘X’s, with the fifth having its lower stem removed to create a ‘Y’ – representing the four rejected covers and one selected. As well as a navigational aid, the X becomes a graphic device used throughout the book and on the covers.

A suite of five limited edition posters accompanied the release of the book, featuring each of the five covers. To purchase a copy of the book visit D&B Books or Counter-Print.