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British Engineering
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The British Engineering special stamps and collectibles honour 50 years of groundbreaking, life-saving, world-changing British engineering excellence. The six stamps pay tribute to pioneering projects from across biomedical, civil, electrical and chemical engineering, showcasing why UK innovation in engineering is revered throughout the world.

The real ingenuity of the inventions comes from how they work and the outcomes they achieve, the language of engineering mark-ups is overlaid on the subjects to further tell the stories of how they do their wonderful work. Purchase here.

Pi photography: John Ross
Falkirk Wheel photography: Neale Smith
Catalytic Converter, MRI and spine illustration: Martin Woodward
Photography: Jack Spicer Adams

The accompanying products explore the six engineering marvels in more depth, celebrating the stories behind the subjects with technical illustrations explaining how they work, all set against the engineers gridded notepaper.

Iconography is used throughout the pack and cancellation stamps to denote the fields of engineering the subjects belong to – biomedical, civil, electrical and chemical.

Harrier Jump Jet

As part of the British Engineering release, the 50th anniversary of the Harrier Jump Jet’s introduction to RAF service was also celebrated with a commemorative medal and pack. The Harrier was a pioneer in vertical take-off and landing technology, allowing it to operate from aircraft carriers, vastly expanding the RAF and Navy’s airborne capabilities. Stamp design by Turner Duckworth.