Carters of Moseley
Rebrand |

Seasons of change

Carters of Moseley is a modern British restaurant and one of Birmingham’s finest Michelin starred eateries. Their menus evolve on a daily basis and are developed and inspired by the British seasons.

Seasonality is at the heart of both the dishes and the new identity. The angle of the earth’s axis – which is responsible for our seasons – influences every element of the brand identity from the symbol and graphic system to photography, typography, formats and bindings.


Kinsale Shark Awards | Bronze | Branding category


Photography: Jack Spicer Adams
Animation: James Carter
Print production: WithPrint / Masters Bookbinding
Signwriting: Seven 9 Signs
Website: Gritt

When our planet was first forming, Earth had a series of giant impacts where planets collided into one another. In the last of these encounters, a rocky orb smashed into the Earth with such force that it altered the tilt of the planet. Instead of rotating perfectly upright, the Earth’s axis is tilted 23.5 degrees

This tilt is what gives us seasons – the Earth’s axis always points the same direction, so as the planet makes its way around the sun, each hemisphere sees varying amounts of sunlight which influences the food we grow and eat and also Carters whole ethos and ever changing menus

Image splits
The Carters image bank uses the 23.5° angle to demonstrate the synergy and influence the British landscape has on the produce used in Carters dishes

Typography and layout are influenced by the axis and each season is marked with a typographic, spherised abstraction representing Earth

All touchpoints have been reimagined, including new handpainted signage, and food menus designed to accommodate ever changing menus, providing a momento for guests to take away

Food photography
Carters sublime dishes are spotlit and framed using lighting angled at 23.5°

As the seasons fluctuate, so does the wine list, bespoke wine menus are bound by a single screw to mimic the logo and allow for a changeable wine listing

The angle permeates throughout all aspects of the identity combining a striking monotone palette with touches of ever changing colour through holographic foils