Chef Brad Carter
Rebrand |

A Culinary Trip

Partying and pushing to make his dreams come true.
Brad Carter’s story isn’t your regular chef story.
But then… he isn’t your regular chef.

A chef with edge.
A chef with a love of rave.
A chef creating mind-bending cuisine.

A brand drawing on the parallels between rave culture and culinary dopamine rushes in the brain. Let us take you on a culinary trip…


Kinsale Shark Awards | Bronze | Branding category


Photography: Jack Spicer Adams
Animation: James Carter
Website: Gritt

A rave inspired custom smiley, made entirely of C’s and a visual identity drawn from the inherant pleasure of food and drink.

Exquisite food heightens our senses and creates dopamine (the chemical that plays a role in humans sense of pleasure) rushes in the brain. Brad’s mind bending cuisine creates food euphoria and sensory overload.

Image bank

A trippy suite of images featuring seasonal ingredients, heightened using overlays directly from MRI brain scans.

The warped smileys and polychromatic imagery are contrasted with a restrained, monotone approach to typography and layout.

The spectra of the brain scans are replicated in print and packaging with iridescent papers and holographic foils.

One Star Döner Bar

Inspired by Gemüse Kebab and Berlin street kebab vendors, Brad launched One Star Döner Bar during lockdown while his restaurant, Carters of Moseley was shut. It now has a permanent home at Manchester’s Escape to Freight Island, a 2,000-capacity urban market located at Mayfield Depot, next door to the Warehouse Project.

The perfect post rave sustenance complete with techno slaw and potato smileys, of course.

Brad’s custom smiley also takes pride of place on the Carters of Moseley late summer menu as a stunning dessert with foraged meadowsweet and British strawberries, worthy of their Michelin star.