I Choose Birmingham
Brand Identity |

I Choose Birmingham, or ICB as it’s commonly known, is a weekly e-magazine that lands in the inboxes of over 17,500 Brummies each week, sharing the very best things to do, see, drink, eat and buy in and around the city.

To celebrate the hidden gems within Birmingham (just as the e-magazine does), the negative space within a custom B reveals the ‘I’ and ‘C’ of ‘I Choose’. The logo can take on many forms, being re-skinned to represent different aspects of the diverse city. Subscribe here.

Website build: John Greenwood
Print: WithPrint
Photography: Jack Spicer Adams
Animation: Dan Silverstone


The logo can be adapted for sub brands, the partnership emailer B+ and special travel editions.

ICB provides a platform to promote Birmingham’s wealth of creative talent – artists and makers are encouraged to use their specialisms and trademark materials to create their own custom B for the issue in which they feature.

Split Decision is a hoppy, hazy American pale ale made in collaboration between ICB, Burning Soul Brewery and Birmingham’s Pint Shop. The design utilises a graphic split born from Birmingham’s own flag.