Brand Identity |

Ravensden are specialist suppliers of animal themed toys and gifts, stocking everything from sloths to moths, ants to elephants. We repositioned them from just suppliers of ‘products’, into a provider of kid’s companions, best buds, toys that youngsters love, keep and cherish.

A complete brand identity was built around the premise of companionship, and we created Ravensden’s ‘world of animal companions’.

Photography: Jack Spicer Adams

The logo utilises the Ravensden raven that has been a part of the logo for over 40 years, but re-drawn and developed into a solution that reinforces the idea of companionship, echoing the cherished toy held under a kid’s arm.

A suite of character illustrations represent each of Ravensden’s product ranges and can be held within the logo, and are also used playfully throughout the brand identity.

Paper scenes became a simple, cost-effective, yet creative way to elevate Ravensden’s product photography, enabling products to come to life in vibrant, fun environments.

The Ravensden brand guidelines are designed as an A-Z of the new Ravensden brand, introducing the new identity in a simple, playful and digestible way.