Three Whiskey
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A brand built on the power of three. Three Whiskey are a digital marketing agency – their name born from the www. at the beginning of every URL.

Three Whiskey underwent a strategic phase of work to help uncover their core thought of ‘helping businesses grow online’ and required their new strategy to be translated into a new brand identity. Their name has inherent strength and ‘three’ has a deep-rooted power which we elevated in the verbal and visual identity.

Brand strategy: Purpose
Photography: Handover
Website build: Blinkio
Animation: Dan Silverstone

‘The Power of Three’ ran through every aspect of the brand identity. The rule of thirds principle established an underlying grid structure from which the logo was born and creates a dynamic panelling system to guide the layout of communications.

A suite of textures were born from the 3×3 grid, adding extra depth and richness to the identity, whilst using a colour palette consisting of the three primary colours.

Iconography adheres to the power of three, with each icon being carefully crafted from just three lines.

Language throughout Three Whiskey communications uses tricolons, a writing style based on threes that helps add power and brevity to their writing.

The brand identity was embedded into their new offices, from large format art prints through to custom clocks.